Julie O’Neill

Julie O Neill a proud Wexford woman, is former Secretary General of The Department of Transport in Ireland and a board member of both Ryanair and Permanent TSB. Julie is a terrific example of authentic leadership and of leading in a way that values feminine characteristics like emotional intelligence without being too ‘girly’. Julie learned to enjoy the benefits of a good row for getting issues out on the table, sorting them out and clearing the air. They can be the life force of an organisation she believes and she is also not afraid to shed a tear on the rare occasion when there is a lot at stake.

Her three pieces of advice for women are:

1 Be true to yourself, don’t feel you have to play a corporate game.

2 Create a vision of a future for yourself what you want out of life and what would make you happy. Early on in her life she wrote a list of what she wanted and put it away.

3 Grab opportunities when they arise even if you think you may not be ready for it.

As well as continuing her busy career Julie is a mother and a grandmother and she also writes a cookery blog which you will hear more about in the podcast.shananigansblog.com

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