Niamh Bushnell Dublin Commissioner for Startups

Females make great leaders and operators. So says Niamh Bushnell the new and first Dublin Commissioner for Startups. Female entrepreneurs in Dublin she says are very calm and collected, very focused, knowledgable about their business and they are taking risks. She started her first company in her mid twenties. Niamh says she would have loved to start even earlier but was not as ambitious and clued in at the time. “The earlier you dip your toes in the better.”

Niamh sees a strong coterie of ambitious women working away quietly and busily. “Give them a few years and you will see them will see them making waves”.

On ambition Niamh says we need to be more ambitious. “We need to think big, talk big and act big.”

Women don’t look for as much money as men but there is always money and funding out there if the idea is good. “The best source of funding is revenue”.

A great believer in action to make things happen, the advice she received once and now lives by is to ‘think properly but not too much’. Don’t obsess and get confused, you need action after thinking. Researching and preparing is very important, she says, but when it is time to make a decision jump and don’t look back, just figure it out from there and keep pivoting. Niamh is delighted to see lots of student entrepreneur programmes but she wants more -like 200 to 300 or more!

Her advice to all people thinking about start up is to believe in themselves and their ideas.

‘You don’t know what capable you are until your try it. The sooner you find out how great you are the better!


Angela Mezzetti
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