Lynda Barnes, MD 360 Search

Lynda Barnes is the Managing Director of 360 Search in Baggot Street in Dublin and they are a specialist recruitment company who work and focus on senior appointments in life and pensions, general insurance, reinsurance, property and captive markets.

I first met Lynda a few weeks ago when she was a guest speaker at a Connect Women In Pensions meeting in William Fry’s offices. She was so impressive and had really valuable, practical advice to give to women and men on how to go about looking for your next career move, about preparing for leadership roles and preparing for a job interview mentally as well as physically. She has noticed that companies are now realising how valuable it is to have women represented on their senior management teams and on boards.

“We are now working with organisations who feel having a female presence on the board can increase profitability and will reach out to a full audience. From a business perspective, to turn your back on 51% of the population does not make sense for anybody so absolutely at the top table it has been refreshing to see the warmer welcome for the female.”

In this podcast she has advice on how to prepare for your career move, how to ask yourself some hard questions before you start looking for a new job and how to take control of the process. You can do this by pushing back in an interview with some really good questions she says.

“Not looking lost, taking control of the process will help you cut out those cold feet feelings you might have later on.”

Networking is really important Lynda believes and she says it is good to be fully pivotal in terms of your networking. “Pull someone in for a cup of coffee even 3 or 4 levels above you.. hear their stories.” 


Angela Mezzetti
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