What’s So Great About Work?

Women are much more ‘purpose oriented’ in work by about 10% according to a survey by Arthur Woods of Imperative. “Women are really driving the conversation that work is more than about a paycheck and a promotion”,  work can be a source of fulfilment and work can be a means of helping other people. In this podcast Woods talks about re-imagining work as a source of enrichment for people.

Purpose is especially important to millennial women he has discovered. What they are finding is that if a company is interested in finding hi performing culture oriented people it is very good to have women in leadership roles and to be hiring women.

“For women this is a whole new elevated business case,” he says “for them work can be a source of balance and fulfilment. It’s actually something that is driving progress for performance for businesses.”

The proof is in the pudding Woods says, for those who might be skeptical. “Being able to show the linkage between ‘purpose oriented’ professionals and performance and being able to show on paper that a more diverse workforce is driving performance…. then the numbers don’t lie.”

Particularly good news is that women baby boomers -typically in their 50s- are very culturally oriented in companies and organisations. It certainly is not all about the pay-check for them.

Non profit, government and public sector organisations often struggle with motivation he says but identifying a person’s purpose or reason for going to work is a way of driving engagement with goals.

Woods believes that purpose is demanded everywhere both for businesses and public sector.

“All work should feel like pro bono work.”

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