‘All Changed’ Film About Women in Trinity

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WiSER All Changed

Women had to be off campus by 6.30pm, there were restrictions on women academics applying for fellowship, there was no maternity leave and in 1968 chaperones were appointed for the first women scholars on campus. These are some of memories recalled in this fascinating look back at life for women in Trinity College by some of the leading women who were part of the change and who helped to make it happen.
‘All Changed’ looks back on what life was like for women in college over the decades with these wonderful women who lived and worked through it. The film also looks to the future and asks what still needs to change.
The senior women academics and former lecturers featured are Corinna Salvadori, Barbara Wright, Sara McMurry, Christine Meek, Ita Kirwan, Yvonne Scannell, Vivienne Darling and Jane Grimson. Louise Mulrennan former Equality Officer with TCDSU also features.
Produced by Angie Mezzetti of Ocarina Productions for WiSER Women in Science and Engineering Research at TCD.


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