Jennifer Davis Own Your Career and Find Balance

Jennifer Davis Women In Leadership Podcast

Jennifer Davis is the guest on this episode of the Women In Leadership Podcast. She is the Chief Marketing Officer with Planar a multi million dollar technology enterprise based in Portland Oregan in the United States which was recently taken over by a Chinese company Leyard so her experience of that transition is enlightening as is her philosophy on surviving and thriving in the business world especially the technology sector. Jennifer is a big believer in networking and is a great communicator with her own blog.  She has great advice for anyone in business and particularly women about owning their own careers and she ends the podcast with six valuable pieces of advice.

  1. Get To Know Yourself and decide what you stand for.
  2. Own Your Career. Decide what you need to do to fulfil that purpose, to own your own career. Ask yourself what are the experiences you want for yourself.  If you were to write your resume from today forwards         what would it include and how can you go about getting those things in your career.
  1. Build in accountability to yourself. Discover ways to build accountability for those larger more important things in your career. Get a kind of board of directors for yourself with mentors that will hold you accountable.
  1. Not everyone has to do everything. Find balance in your life, remembering you don’t find it by yourself you find it with your tribe. Delegate and reshuffle work and family responsibilities. It is important to seek out the resources you need to be successful.
  1. Give yourself a break. ‘Finding your balance’ is a good phrase. Like a gymnast on a balance beam or like a toddler learning to walk for the first time, finding your balance means wobbling wavering a bit, course correcting and finding that centre. Some people might feel like they are doing a bad job all the time, so it is important to give yourself a break now and again knowing that you are doing the best you can. Just know that this is the pendulum swing of life and we find our balance in the movement. Find the right people around you to make you feel better. Just like doctors practice medicine, we are practicing at life too and learning along the way.
  1. Have the courage to ask for help. It is really important to reach out and explore options because often when we are feeling overwhelmed, when things are not going so well and you can’t see the possibilities only the work, it is important to find people who can provide a fresh perspective and provide encouragement. Sometimes the help you need is just someone to listen or to brainstorm with. Sometimes you just need someone to help pick up the kids or to help with a project or take something off your plate so that you can focus on a more important thing. It is very important to build that network of people around you that you can ask for help and that you can be a help to as well remembering that support goes both ways.

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