Kelly Roach – Get A System and Look after Yourself

Align yourself with people who can help you

Kelly Roach is a business coach from USA. She is a former NFL Cheerleader and has boundless energy when it comes to fitness. She also has her own podcast and has published a book called Unstoppable about the 9 Principles of Unlimited Success in Business and In Life. A competitive dancer all her life, Kelly is a thought leader on the link between exercise and empowerment. She speaks often about the connection between health and wealth as well as the impact of mindfulness and gratitude for business owners to create a whole, happy entrepreneur.

In this podcast Kelly talks about the need to look after yourself first. She also stresses the need to get help from others and says no one can achieve anything without the help and support of others. Having a proven system for success will save you time and effort it is one of her core beliefs and she believes is the corner stone of her own success.

Keep dreaming is another one of her mottoes and it is good advice in this International Women’s Day week! Here are Kelly Roach’s Top Five Tips for the Women In Leadership podcast

  1. Get Help. Women struggle to ask for help, they struggle with feeling guilty when they get help.
  2. Break your goals down into reasonable actions that you can do on a daily basis. We are all multi-taskers. No amount of time is too small each day. None of us lives one-dimensional lives any more. Look at your goals and break it down into milestones, actionable things you can do on a daily basis and commit to moving forward each day.
  3. Align yourself with people who can help you. Go get started working with them. Skip over the trial and error and guess and test method and get a proven system.
  4. Take care of yourself. Women often sacrifice themselves to look after someone else and that is a recipe for burnout. It stands in the way of you accomplishing your goals.
  5.  Believe in yourself. Keep dreaming.

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