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Edel Creely on the Women In Leadership Podcast

The multi talented Edel Creely of Trilogy Technologies and President of Ibec is the guest on this episode of the Women In Leadership podcast. She talks about internet security, cyber crime and GDPR as well as Ibec as the voice for Irish business at home and abroad. She also has a lot to say about Brexit, the need to invest in education and the role of women in the workforce.

Edel Creely is MD and co founder of Trilogy Technologies which is based in Dublin and advises organisations on IT as a trusted service provider in the same way you might go to your accountant or lawyer and they can tell you what you need to do to ensure cloud security and develop an IT strategy for your business or organisation.

“GDPR is not something you can afford to ignore”

Internet security has never been more necessary or more in the news. “There have been some very big drivers that have occurred in the last couple of years, one of those is the dramatic increase in cyber crime and the other is the general data protection regulations which comes into place shortly. Both of those have really put security on the top of the agenda for organisations,” Edel believes.  “Boards cannot ignore the importance of data protection now,  it is part of their responsibility to ensure that the business is fully risk averse in relation to any exposure.” Even if you are a small business, you are still holding data even if it is just on your own people she advises . “GDPR is not something you can afford to ignore or to be ignorant of. It is very real and it is a here and now a requirement for organisations”.

Edel Creely is also the President of Ibec which she says is an important voice in Ireland. Not only at home but internationally Ibec is a voice representing Ireland’s business community in Europe and also in Washington. “The voice of Irish business -it has never been more important and that it is being heard as strongly as possible.”

“economic development and growth is also good for society”

Being aware of the threats and challenges is a core function of Ibec too she thinks. “Business is thriving in Ireland, we are showing great growth but we are always facing challenges and it is important that we are always looking ahead to see what those challenges are and to advise and to make recommendations, to have our voice heard, so that we can meet those challenges and ensure we have the right policies or system or environment in place to support business and its continued success and growth.”

Edel Creely believes that economic development and growth is also good for society. “If we can grow the economy and grow the tax income then obviously we can invest in all the important things that make our society better.” Investment in education is vital she believes and it so important to invest in long term planning that can transcend a number of governments. “We need to be moving away from the short term ‘government to government’ type of decision making”.

Affordable Childcare

Affordable childcare is hugely important issue and a part of the work of Ibec. It is now an issue for men too she believes. “We are actually preventing people who are educated, who have skills to offer, who want to work in the economy and yet who are finding that it is not affordable for them to do so, or perhaps the access to childcare is just challenging for them.”

Brexit is a big challenge and the future of Europe is a key focus for Ibec. Without the UK in Europe there needs to be a rethink on what the future of Europe will look like.

On being a woman in leadership in engineering Edel Creely believes that a more diverse workplace is a better option. Click on the podcast link to hear the full interview and to hear Edel play violin at the end.


Edel Creely

Edel Creely

Edel Creely’s Top 5 Tips for Career and for Life

  1. Have the Courage. If you are shy by nature if there are things you want to do, don’t let a challenge hold you back. Take a few deep breaths and go for it. As a leader your job is to encourage. It is about enabling courage in others.
  2. Take Responsibility for yourself and your actions, it shows great strength.
  3. Listen. Listening is one of the most important things you can ever do. Women have great observation skills so you can learn so much by listening and observing.
  4. Network. Networking is important and you learn so much from others. You are always learning and that is what makes it so exciting. It might be hard and tough at times but it is also exciting. Choose carefully what to get involved with.
  5. Step Up don’t be afraid.

Edel Creely’s ‘go-to’ song

If you need a song to hum to yourself when you are under pressure at work or at home, then Edel’s suggested song is one that illustrates the need for courage in challenging times. It is a tune that was suggested by her daughter and Edel Creely herself plays it on the podcast on her violin! It is the tune from the musical Carousel and it is all about Courage particularly when you are up against it. “You’ll never walk alone”.


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