Helen Carroll Says Put Your Hand up!

Put Your Hand Up!

Helen Carroll is the new Head of Communications and Partnerships with Business to Arts in Ireland and she is the guest on this episode of the Women In Leadership podcast. Helen is a ballerina, a musician and has a brilliant business head too. She is carving out a career for herself in arts administration and matchmaking artists with appropriate businesses which is vital work for both parties. A project that is close to her heart is the ‘Women On Walls’ project started by Dr. Michelle Cullen and Eithne Harley of Accenture. She talks about how this project, which began by featuring portraits of Irish women scientists in the Royal Irish Academy, is now expanding to feature portraits of women leaders in healthcare which will be featured on the walls of the RCSI the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

She has her dream job now because early on she learned to put her hand up and ask for internships and for what she wanted. “So much of my job at the moment is talking to people when they are doing interesting things. Every new person or new contact  is an opportunity, every time you are in a room is an opportunity to ask a question, a good question not just for the sake of asking it, so let your presence be known. For me the opportunities I have had in life, are because I have stepped forward. You go through phases in your life where you are ticking along and you are doing the safe thing, but if you don’t step up and put your hand up maybe no one else will.”

Helen also has advice for young women who want to step their careers up a gear .

Helen Carroll’s Top Tips

Have a support system. Get yourself a circle of advisors you can trust and rely on.

Go see stuff. Support the arts and keep in touch with what is happening.

Get networking. It is essential so start to log people in your memory for times when you can help each other.

Leverage your network.  Stay in touch with people, make time to meet people for a coffee.

Use Linked In to communicate. LinkedIn is essential for anyone in business.

Enjoy social media, but ration your time on it. Helen is a fan of Instagram and Twitter.

Go To Music piece

Helen Carroll’s go to piece of music is Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto Number 2 because it calms her and she remembers she used to dance around her sitting room in the evening when her dad would put it on and as she says “it reminds me how beautiful things can be.”

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Business to Arts

The 2018 Allianz Business to Arts Awards will take place on September 4th at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre and celebrate businesses, artists and art organisations that develop creative partnerships through sponsorship, staff engagement, commissioning, CSR initiatives or community engagement. For more information about the awards visit https://www.allianz.ie/communities/arts/business-and-arts/  

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