Joyce Walsh and Pam Skerritt IITD Shine Sisters

Women Who ‘Shine’ in Training and Development

Joyce Walsh and Pam Skerritt

Pam Skerrit and Joyce Walshe ‘shine’ when it comes to inspiring people in their workplaces. Both women are featured in this podcast and are award winners from the 2019 IITD National Training Awards. Unknown to each other, they boeach chose Take That’s song  ‘Shine’ as their inspirational song which we discover as the podcast comes to a close and when you hear them you’ll know why. They have both spent their careers encouraging others to develop their skills and passions in work and outside of work in different ways.

Both Pam and Joyce were award winners in this years Irish Training and Development Awards which meant an awful lot to them. Joyce won her 2019 IITD award  for outstanding individual contribution to learning and development. It was a recognition of the work that she has done for the last nine years. Joyce Walsh is Head of Leadership and Talent at Ulster Bank in Ireland and she talks about what makes a good leader. Emotional Intelligence is going to become even more important in coming years she believes. Integrity is key, leaders who mean what they say, go the way and show the way. “Emotional intelligence in a leader is important. New generations are going to demand it. When you look at robotics it is Emotional Intelligence that is so important to nurture.” Also important she believes is humility and humanity in leadership.

Pam Skerrit won her award in the small to medium enterprise category for her work in developing training for organisations like St John’s Ambulance and The Irish Thoroughbred Association. ‘Trust, value, affirmation and support are what it is all about’, Pam believes.

Pam Skerritt’s Top 5 Tips for Leadership

  1. Challenge yourself, put yourself in a positions where you know you are going to be tested but where you have a proving mechanism that you are actually going to prove your worth to people.
  2. View everything you do as a learning context as a learning curve every challenge we face every engagement we have there is something we can take from it something we can learn from it and there is something we can build on.
  3. Never doubt your abilities. Never doubt yourself. You are in the role you are in because you have made the effort to get there. You have proven yourself in the previous instance now you just have to prove yourself going forward.
  4. Link with your peers work with people of a similar mindset people who understand what you are trying to achieve and link with them on a regular basis.
  5. Positive affirmation of yourself. Pat yourself on the back and say to yourself I’ve made it I’ve done it and I am improving as I go along.

Joyce Walsh Top 5 Tips for Leadership

  1. Back yourself, have confidence, knowing that there will always be knockers
  2. Look for opportunities, sometimes those opportunities are a sideways move.
  3. Be interested not interesting but interested in people and things, develop that connected pool.
  4. Be aware of your brand. That is something you have control over. It is what you stand for.
  5. Find your passion in what you do. It may not be in your work but bring

For their go to songs they had several to chose from and include their Take That song. To hear the rest have a listen to the podcast.



Pam Skerritt and Joe Finegan of IITD

Pam Skerritt and Joe Finegan of IITD


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