Lisa Shumate ‘Always and Never’ Principles

Always and Never 20 truths for a Happy Heart

This week’s guest on the Women in Leadership podcast is Lisa Shumate who has written a book for the younger generation on guiding principles for life called ‘Always and Never, 20 Truths for  Happy Heart’.

One of her main lessons is about resilience, getting up after you get knocked down.

Your core beliefs she believes you can make into your mantras and one of them is about trust and is fundamental ‘always do as you say you will do’. Trust matters more than talent she believes.

With regard to negative thoughts, anxiety and worry, Lisa says you have to take that Runaway script in your mind and just stop. You have to catch yourself in the moment, which is easier said than done. Then you dial it  back. She stressed that she is not talking about abuse situations, which she says, you always need to get professional help with.

Leadership Top Five

  1. Be in charge of your thoughts. Don’t react, stop and think.
  2. Always Listen before speaking. People who listen have a quiet power.
  3. Follow the golden rule. Treat people people like you want to be treated. Never forget that as you go up the ranks.
  4. Tell the truth and be honest with yourself.
  5. Always do as you say you will do. Sometimes people show up on committees and only 20% do the work.

Lisa Shumate’s ‘Go To Songs’

“My first, my last my, everything” by Barry White. Because it is uplifting.

“Il Gitano del Amor” by Latin Soul Syndicate because it is an upbeat fast song.

John Mayer ‘Why Georgia’ a chill song that gets you happy.

Finally anything by Donna Summer.


Lisa’s Book is ‘Always and Never 20 Truths for a Happy Heart’. It is a book with a companion Journal.




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