Patricia Bradley – Be Compelling

This Women In Leadership podcast episode has a terrific guest for you Patricia Bradley, a trailblazing executive paving the way for women and minorities on her quest for diversity and inclusion in the healthcare industry. Bradley is currently Executive Vice President at Strawn Arnold & Associates (SAA) overseeing its Women in Healthcare Leadership Activities. She has been passionate about diversity since her first job out of college in finance where she saw first hand the roadblocks in front of women to advance their career and education in financial services. Her solution was to take a job driving a truck delivering parcels in New York City which got her career on the road led to a whole new management pathway.

Her Top 5 Tips for leadership are

  1. Be true, be real and most of all be you.
  2. Find your pack. Get your support network in place.
  3. Pay it forward, help others and encourage other women to take the next steps in their career.
  4. Be an agile learner you will always be learning something new.
  5. Always be negotiating and be compelling!

Bradley says you need to be a bit vulnerable at times and to get outside your comfort zone. You will need to be an agile learner in today’s workforce where things are changing so rapidly.

“You really have to stay on top of things and open to learning all the time.”

You have to be conscious about learning new things and make a priority to look after things like your music and social media. Your Instagram etc

Finding your pack make sure you have that network both internally and externally

Learning reciprocity and playing it forward giving back to people is really important Patricia Bradley believes.

Women need to find their voice and be constantly negotiating. “Women need to negotiate and to find the words and always be compelling. ” 

Even when recruiting for senior management and board level positions, Patricia Bradley says she often has to encourage women to put their hat in the ring and go for positions. ‘Put your hat in the ring’ is her advice and its a message that will ring true with women world wide. You don’t have to be perfect, just be true be you!    

Patricia Bradley’s Go To Music

Eminem’s ‘Not Afraid’ is her go to song. ‘It’s about grit and persistence’ and I play it when I need a push or to feel strong. Patricia is also a fan of Post Malone and Pink, and says music is a shared interest between her son and herself.

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