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Purposeful Leadership

This week’s guest on the Women In Leadership Podcast is Fidelma Greene.

Fidelma is a leadership business coach and gets people often women to focus ruthlessly and with purpose on what they really want from their business and how to make that work and align with the lives they want. This is something that women often struggle with. Fidelma is quite philosophical in her approach and gets women to do deep digging into their motivations and their goals. Her advice is to people is to ask themselves “who do we need to become, to actually be the change.”

“If I continue to be the person that I am today then I am going to keep repeating what is influencing me now and my choices my beliefs.”

Fidelma has gone through a lot of change in her own life and done some major work on her own goals and ambitions both personal and professional. To effect the changes we want to see on our lives and our businesses she says “I have to step into a higher version of myself, I have to step out of my comfort zone.”

The reward Fidelma says is that you are then back in flow connecting to your heart’s desire. You are helping humanity through the changes we are going through just now.

Fidelma Greene

Top 5 Leadership Pearls

  • 1. Believe in yourself and believe in the call inside yourself. Maybe you are struggling with your business. If so, get support!
  • 2. Answer that call. The world needs more feminine leaders to find their voice and be visible be the change.
  • 3. Take the next step. Don’t try to work out the whole plan right away, take baby steps to get yourself where you want to go.
  • 4. Make peace with your past otherwise it holds onto you. Let go of the past. This is something you have to practice on a daily basis. Make Selfcare a priority
  • 5. Ask who do we need to become to be the change, to step into a higher version of ourselves, our true authentic self.

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