Naysa Mishler Cutting through red tape COVID19

Naysa Mishler Cutting through red tape in troubled times

Naysa Mishler is a tech entrepreneur on a mission to help people access goods in short supply during disasters. Her company is called Everest Effect and it assists individuals and communities around the world who are in dire need of supplies during this time of COVID-19 outbreak and has helped in previous disasters such as in Haiti.

Everest Effect is a digital platform putting critical resources into the hands of individuals who are impacted by disasters allowing them to accelerate their recovery. Everest Effect claim they are able to get things done quicker than other platforms because they have less bureaucracy to go through.  The donor gets to choose exactly what they want to purchase and knows exactly where it is going and who is benefitting. Naysa has worked in Linked in and other big corporations but she wanted to start her own business and to stay true to her values. She comes from a family of entrepreneurs and learned early on that a purpose in life was important to her.

Navigating The New Normal Dogs and Kids and All

In the podcast she talks about the new needs of people trying to navigate work and family life in the middle of a pandemic like COVID19. Naysa has a young child, husband and a dog and like many people now she is learning to juggle the business and zoom calls on top of that. She is passionate about sustainability and says one of the reasons that Everest Effect exists is to remove waste and provide more sustainable solutions to modern disaster relief and huge problems like those of COVID19.

Naysa Mischler’s Top 5

1 Take intelligent risks. We are faced with risk every day but they can create a culture where you can celebrate every day.

2 Hiring for talent and not longevity. Help people find their purpose. Take the moment to celebrate that next chapter.

3 Relationships rather than hierarchy. Think how do you empower people to make decisions. Talent is everything and it allows people to make decisions at pace.

4 Look for progress not perfection. In disaster recovery we can’t move forward if we are waiting for perfection

5 Don’t wait to pay it forward. Many women suffer from imposter syndrome. You may have only spent a short while in a role but someone else can benefit from your story so play it forward.

Go To Music

Naysa Mishler likes music by any female artists that speak their mind. Lizzo and Beyonce are artists and powerful fearless women.

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