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Annie Scranton Booking the best

Annie Scranton books guests for TV radio and media events. She has gone from working in network TV in the US where it was her job to find guests and experts for TV shows to now getting people onto shows. She has nearly a decade of experience as a TV producer at major networks including CNN, Fox News, CNBC, MSNBC & ABC, where she booked guest appearances for popular shows like Good Morning America. Annie now runs her own agency, Pace PR, where she focuses on getting her clients to build their brands through media exposure.

Women On Air

One of our goals on the Women In Leadership podcast is to get more women to appear on air on TV, Radio and events so we were not surprised about what she had to say about the ‘deferring to someone else phenomenon’ that women sometimes do. “If you are an attorney that is probably good enough for you to talk on any legal topic because on cable news the segment is usually 3 minutes they have about to book it within four hours. Women need to understand that process and not defer to someone else who they think might be more expert than they think they are.”

Initial Reluctance

Annie comes up against female reluctance all the time even if the woman is the best person from the show. With a little coaching and encouragement that confidence gap and be overcome. There is also a recognition in media worldwide that there is a lack of diversity. Annie Scranton says it would be great if more women could take that leap.

Build Your Profile Gradually

To get on the radar of TV and radio and event producers though you have to up your public persona. ‘Social media is great for seeing the whole person and can identify with you’ according to Annie. “When you are pitching people in TV remember they are people too.”

Annie recommends building a profile on social media in small incremental steps. ‘Tweet, Blog on LinkedIn, keep connected and read the news.’ Another thing she recommends is the create your own personal website.

Take Microsteps to post regularly, rather than spending all the time scrolling on Instagram. Take 5 minutes every day making a commitment to do it. Then add a little more on to it every day, every week, Annie suggests.

Up Your Energy on Air

On TV and on radio you have to up your game and be ready with lots of energy Annie suggests. ‘If I am talking to you now I am like a five, on TV you have to be like a ten’. You also have to do your research and have some facts and figures to hand- but not too much we would add.

To add to that advice we say trust yourself your experience and your education. That is why you get asked to appear on TV in the first place. Remember that the people who work there have a life outside of the studios so don’t be afraid to talk about regular stuff before you go on air . On TV people in the audience are looking to connect with you the person so be your authentic self. You are good enough and your expertise and opinion is needed. So next time you get the call to go on TV say yes hang up the phone and then work out the details.

Pearls of Wisdom from Annie Scranton

1. Talk to your family and friends ask them what are your strengths, do research among people in your life. This is the formation of your image.

2. Every day put time aside and think about to how you want to grow.

3. Make a commitment to being active on LinkedIn it’s a valuable resource interact and connect with people.

4. Make time to do self care so you keep balanced.

5. Be kind to yourself and don’t have unrealistic expectations. This is not a race it’s a marathon. You are evolving!

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