Katie Honan ‘How To Fall Flat On Your Face’


Katie Honan ‘How To Fall Flat On Your Face’

Actor Katie Honan always wanted to write her own work but being a busy woman never quite found the time. That was until the pandemic struck and she found herself in London with a lot of time on her hands.

‘How to Fall Flat On Your Face’ is her one woman theatre show which is the end result. It is a deep dive into the inner workings of the mind as it unravels. The inspiration comes from a bad fall she had in London shortly after she had arrived there.  She ended up in a hospital waiting room with a badly injured face, no NHS number and no phone number. That was the genesis for the idea and the rest is fiction. The character’s mind starts to wander between past and present and then perspective changes.

In the podcast she talks about what she learned in the process about being the leader in her own life, about having perspective on what is really important in life and not sweating the small stuff. What she also learned was the business side of the theatre and how to pull a show together from the production bones to the sponsorship and development.

Katie also talks about memory and neuroscience and how dependant creativity is on the inner magic of the human brain.


The show ran very successfully initially in Garter Lane Waterford and is about to run in Dublin’s Project Theatre. November 8th to 18th 7.45pm

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